Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sun / Shadow Interpretation

This week's interpretations for Sun / Shadow are fabulous! I think everyone who participated really had fun with this one. This week's contributors are: Artful Eye, Lisa Sarsfield, Moon River, North Mississippi Artist, Dusty Lens, Holy Carpet, D.C. Confidential, and Diane Clancy. Good job everyone and thanks again for participating!


Bev said...

I was going to get affronted that my blog wasn't included in this list but then I realised that I changed the name of my blog a few days ago and I didn't recognise it. Thanks for including me in this prestigious list of properly artistic bloggers because sometimes I fear my entries are bit rubbish lol

Bev said...

I am pleased that I am using this comment section properly this week with proper comments rather than just space filling quotes like last time lol

D.C. Confidential said...

Bev: You crack me up! And, I have to say, the name change on your blog threw me a bit this week. Still, your new name is dear to me as it's the title of one of my favorite songs of all time: "Moon River." And your entries aren't rubbish. At least, I don't think they are. I rather enjoy them!