Monday, March 24, 2008

Dead / Alive Interpretations

This week's 2 Things Challenge was Dead / Alive. Everyone did a really great job with this challenge and the fun parts in the results are how the colors compliment each other so nicely and how the progression of life and death is portrayed. Well done everyone! I especially want to make note of Gara Gillentine's contributions from Mississippi. More than two years after Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf Coast region is still fighting to live and I think Gara's photos stunningly show us that.

This week's contributors are: Lisa Sarsfield, On Another Planet, The Way I See It, Dusty Lens, D.C. Confidential, North Mississippi Artist, and Diane Clancy (here and here). Thanks to everyone who participated again this week!

Note: The suggestion box is still open. Artful Eye and Lisa Sarsfield have provided some great ideas for future themes. If you'd like to contribute ideas, please feel free!

Update: Apparently, Diane Clancy had so much fun with this challenge, she did more than the two I featured. Here is a link to her other interpretation. Sorry about that, Diane! My apologies for the oversight.

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