Sunday, October 19, 2008

Black / White Interpretation

This week's Two Things Challenge was Black / White. A fair handful of us participated in this one with the usual excellent results! A warm hello to Gara, Diane, and Larry, who rejoin us this week.

This week's interpreters of Black / White are: Lisa, Bev, Janet, Gara, Diane, Larry, Tash, Rob, and Maya. If I missed anyone or if you posted later, please leave a comment here and I'll post a link to your contribution.

Once again, well done, everyone! Thank you!

UPDATE - 102008: Debi Cates took a gorgeous photo in B&W, as you can see from the thumbnail at the left. I posted yesterday's round-up before I knew about her photo (sorry 'bout that Debi), but here it is in all it's beauty.

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