Sunday, September 7, 2008

Music / Note Interpretations

This week's Two Things Challenge was Music / Note. All of the contributions to this challenge are excellent and very creative. And, I think for the first time in 2TC history, someone wrote a poem for this week's challenge. That honor goes to Bev and here are her lovely words:

Harmony of the Spheres

Music is emotion
It strikes the deepest chord
The passions of Puccini
The march that provokes the sword
The tender love in lullaby
What has this to do with rote
Mysteriously at its essence
Mathematical patterns of the note

This week's interpreters are: Janet, Bev, Lisa, Diane, Rob, Maya, and our newest contributor Eeyore's Ramblin's. Thanks to everyone who participated again this week. It's always so much fun to see each person's take on two words.

If I missed anyone's interpretation, please leave a comment and I'll add a link here to your interpretation!

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