Friday, December 21, 2007

Hold / Value Interpretations for Charity & Final Tally

Hold / Value
This Week's Interpretations
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For every blogger who contributes to this week's Two Thing Challenge, Tewkesbury and Debi are each contributing $5 to Tewkesbury's Holiday Party Meme Charity Event. (Tewkesbury also has three other ways for bloggers to join in. If 2 Things isn't your thing, never fear. Check out your other options.)

Remember that we have extended this particular 2 Thing Challenge through Wednesday, December 19th to be included in the donation tally. So, you still have time to contribute to the challenge and break the bank. ;)

UPDATE 2007-12-21 and final tally

Thank you for the 9 entries: Life in the Sunshine, Heavenly Body, Three Hundred & Sixty Five, Debi Cates Photo A Day, D.C. Confidential, Diane Clancy Art Blog, Great Grannie's Blog,
Arizona Mama's Musings, A Carpet Full of Holes

That makes 90 bucks for charity! Hope I didn't miss anyone. Thank you each and everyone for your participation, especially those that had to scrabble to make it at this time of year. We appreciate everyone. Happy Holidays!

(We haven't heard back yet from our designated charity-chooser, but we'll find a good charity regardless and I'm sure Tewkesbury will update us on her blog .)


Bobbie said...

Yea! This challenge was fun and great seeing all the entries together afterwards. Thank you Twekesbury and Debi for your generosity in sponsoring this challenge for charity.

Bev said...

Great to see a closeup of Frances' daughter holding the present of value because it was a present to her Mum!

Thanks to Debi and Twekesbury.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

Thank you so so much for making this all possible!

~ Diane Clancy