Monday, October 29, 2012

Alike/Alive Interpretations

Our challenge this week was Alike/Alive.  Again this week we had four legged, two legged, and no legged animals, along with some plants, water, doodles, and barns.  Thanks to all of you.  

Go take a look at the interpretations from Megan, Diane, Corolien, Larry, Jan, and Vivian.
If I didn't get yours, leave me a comment and I'll put it here.


Vivian said...

Very nice....I like the way you designed the collage.

Mouse said...

Me too. This is on my desktop. :)

Vivian said...

Mine too! I always put the finished collage on my desk top and ask my family to find my photo in it. :-)

Eeyore said...

Thanks. It's just a little tweek I like to do instead of just a block of photos.