Monday, July 16, 2012

Exterior/Round Interpretations

Our challenge this past week was Exterior/Round.  We had wheels and tires, a lighthouse, power distribution equipment, curved reflections, and round things outside straight buildings.  Thanks to all of you for participating.  Visit the sites of Vivian, ShEiLa, Jeremy, Diane, and Eeyore to see closer views and in some cases read the story behind the images.  I don't usually have a favorite, but this week I did.  I'm not telling though, so you'll just have to guess.

If I missed your interpretation, please leave me a comment and I'll get the link up.  

Well, I did get one late entry from Susan.  


Susan said...

I'm too late, but just wanted to prove to my lazy self that I could find/do and entry for Exterior/Round.

Vivian said...

I like it, Susan!

Hey are such a tease...just tell us your fave.
I'll tell you mine. LOL

Jeremy Johnson said...

I am guessing he liked Sheila's tire picture. I know I really loved it, and, well, great minds think alike. =)

Eeyore said...

Well, yes Jeremy, that was my favorite. Now Vivian, what was yours?

Vivian said...

Ok, well, they are all pretty cool photos and pictures, but yes, I also like the tire one's very artsy. I love the way it looks like a paining.