Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly (sort of) Challenge: Stranger/Friend

The challenge for this week is: Stranger/Friend.

I'm running quite late this week, so I'm going to give myself and, consequently, everyone else a little more time. Therefore, this challenge will end at 12:00 Noon CDT on Sunday, April 10, 2011. Remember, anyone can join! Just post your entries--as few or as many as you'd like--on your blog and leave us a comment here. All media are welcome--paintings, photography, collages, drawings, sculpture, poetry, movie clips, whatever you'd like.

And as a teaser, the challenge for the next week will be: Interior/Exterior.

As a note, I'm starting to have a little trouble coming up with original challenges, and my interpretations sometimes seem to suffer from preconceptions I had when I made the challenge up to start with, even getting mechanical instead of creative.  Also, participation seems to have fallen off to just myself and a couple of other regulars.  Perhaps my challenges are getting a little too uninteresting, or they come too frequently,  and I could use some help.  Therefore, I would appreciate suggestions from participants, and maybe some of those other 52 followers who haven't participated lately.  Please email any suggestions (for challenges, frequency, volunteers to host for a while, or whatever) to me at


Mouse said...

I've been feeling badly about being inconsistent with my participation and postings. Life has been kind of erratic here in the Mouse house too. The next two months are going to be pretty hectic; working weird hours and visiting Ohio and New York. But you can count me in for Stranger/Friend.

Vivian said...

I'm still thinking.... : )

Vivian said...

Ok, I'm in! at...

Larry, I appreciate you doing this weekly challenge. Sometimes people get caught up in their lives and have no time for fun extras such as this challenge. Sometimes it gets slow but I bet it will pick up again!

Suggestions, you say? Why, sure! I will put my thinking cap on and hope others will too. It will be fun!
Perhaps stay away from "opposites". Methinks it's hard to find or think of a picture or what ever, that has opposite ideas. IE Stranger/ Friend.
How bout "compound words"? broken up into 2 of course. Just my 2 cents worth of an idea.
I'll be thinking of a few.
Hope we get some others to help keep this fun 2 Thing Challenge going.



Jeremy said...

Larry - I have to apologize for not being more involved this winter. It got cold outside and my desire for photography went as low as the temps around here. I plan on being an active participant shortly. I really enjoy the challenges and your effort to keeping up with it.

Weekly is a nice option, but might I suggest moving to bi-weekly? Might give people a little more time to stretch their creative legs.

Thanks again for doing all you do.

Eeyore said...

I'm in:

Diane Clancy said...

I'm in ...

Good questions that you raise - I will have to think ... maybe they have gotten too off beat in an attempt to keep interest .. perhaps that makes it harder for people to jump in - just thinking out lout here ..

Often you stretch me hard to come up with something ... it is great the way you comment on people's - perhaps we can promote it beforehand on facebook to get people interested ...

~ Thank you!! ~ Diane

Mouse said...

Here's mine for this week,

I have a couple suggestions for a spring challenge, Green/Fresh. Or Earth/Damp. Seed/Sprout?

Mouse said...

Eyes/Hands? Hoof/Paw?

Janet M Kincaid said...

Larry: I ran into this problem, too, when I was running this blog. As it's been around for a while, it might be fun to revisit some of the previous challenges and feature them again. The folks who contribute change and the challenges will be new to them. Those who have stuck it out (like Diane Clancy, for example) may enjoy repeating a challenge as it could show the evolution of their eye or art.

As for ideas, here are a few:


Eeyore said...

Thanks Janet. I think I'll use most of these, and then maybe start over as you suggest.