Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Challenge: Shadow/Play

The challenge for this week is: Shadow/Play.

This challenge will end at 12:00 Noon CST on Sunday, February 13, 2011. Remember, anyone can join! Just post your entries--as few or as many as you'd like--on your blog and leave us a comment here. All media are welcome--paintings, photography, collages, drawings, sculpture, poetry, movie clips, whatever you'd like.

And as a teaser, the challenge for the next week will be: Key/Word.


Laura McDowell said...
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Laura McDowell said...

Long time reader, first time contributor...How cheesy did that sound?

Anywho, I had this challenge in the bag...check it out, please :)

Eeyore said...

I'll be in on Friday morning.

ShEiLa said...

Count me in this week!
YOU inspired me Eeyore.... loved your interpretation. My photo quality isn't good but I had to go for it anyway.


Mouse said...

Here's mine.

Eeyore, I got carried away again. Please don't feel like you have to use all of my photos in the interpretation!

Hello Laura! ^-^

Susan said...

Just blogging around this evening and found your blog. Although I am not in the challenge, I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for the visit.

Vivian said...

I'm in! SNAPSHOTS : )

dianeclancy said...

I need a little more time please - I will finish up now - Thank you!
~ Diane

dianeclancy said...

Ok I am here - the internet was terribly sow this morning.

Thank you! ~ Diane