Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Challenge: Chain / Game

The next challenge is Chain / Game.

This challenge will end at 12:00 Noon CDT, on Sunday, September 26, 2010. Remember, anyone can join! Just post your entries--as few or as many as you'd like--on your blog and leave us a comment here. All media are welcome--paintings, photography, collages, drawings, sculpture, poetry, whatever you'd like.

I'm going to see our new grand daughter next weekend, and I'll be late publishing the results, so feel free to fudge a little on the deadline if you need to.

But don't forget the following week and go ahead and get started on the next challenge which will be:
Post / Card.


Jack said...

I'm In!

Eeyore said...

I'm in as of Saturday morning. Don't know the post link exactly yet, but this'll get there.

ShEiLa said...

I'm in!
Better almost too late... then never.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Everyone!

Larry - hope you enjoy your visit with your granddaughter!!

~ Diane Clancy