Monday, February 15, 2010

Safe / Passage Interpretations

We had a great response this week to our challenge. There were interpretations of Safe/Passage over the water, through the water, down the highway, through the air over water between cliffs, through the air from plane to ground, down a hallway and into the next life, and over ice both in vehicles and on foot. Great job! We have an interpretation from a newcomer Lex. Welcome Lex. Others include Vivian, Shutterbug, Rob, Diane, Larry, Janet, and Maya. We also had an entry from ShEiLa, but something happened to her blog over the weekend and I could not get to it to copy her entry into the collage above. Hers is the blank spot in the middle, and maybe I can add it when her blog gets fixed. In the meantime, I have included the link to her entry, and hopefully it will work and not say for invited readers only if you click on it (once her blog is fixed).

Thanks everyone. If I missed anyone, leave us a comment and we'll add you in.
ShEiLa got her new blog up and here is the link to her Safe/Passage entry.