Saturday, January 30, 2010

Merge / Diverge Interpretations

This week we have some interesting interpretations of our challenge, Merge/Diverge. I thought of several ways to go with it, and so did these folks. Our entries are from Tash, Larry, Maya, Janet, and Diane. This week I've posted the links to their web sites containing their 2 Things Challenge entry, instead of linking directly to the entry. In some cases you may have to scroll down to get to the entry posts, but believe me, it's worth looking at some of their other stuff.

Thanks to those who participated, and if I missed you, or you are just late, let me know and I'll put yours up too.


ShEiLa said...

I am so silly...
I took a photo the day after you posted the challenge. Forgot all about it. dang!

Oh well,
What can you do. Hopefully I can think of something for the next one.


Eeyore said...

Post it and put the link on. I'll put it up still.