Thursday, December 31, 2009

Young / Old Interpretations

Hi all,

My name is Larry Mathews, known in the blogosphere as Eeyore of Eeyore's Ramblins. In Janet's last post she asked for volunteers to administer the Two Things Challenge site and keep the challenge going, since she no longer has the time. Apparently I was the only one who forgot to step backwards, so I'm it. She and I have agreed that I will give it a try, and hopefully I can keep it going as a site people find interesting and challenging.

For the Young / Old Challenge we had only 3 entries, one from Dianne, Vivian, and me, but they are indeed interesting, I think.

We will pick up with the teaser that Janet had issued with this challenge: Hand / Pink.


Debi said...

Wonderful job everyone! It's fun to see the individual interpretations.

Vivian said...

Thank you, Debi!
And thank you Larry for taking the 2 thing challenge over, I am sure yu will do great with it.

Janet, thank you for the 2 thing challenge, such a great is exactly that...challenging!