Sunday, August 30, 2009

Early / Late Interpretations

This week's challenge was Early / Late. This week's interpreters were: Rob, Dana, Marley, Virginia, Janet, and Maya. Good job everyone!

Next week's challenge is Road / Arch. A couple of people have already contributed to that and I'll post their interpretations next week.

In the meantime, if I've missed any interpretations for Early / Late, please leave a comment and I'll post a link to your contribution.


doinalright said...

Hi there folks and fellow interpreters.
As im new to this and its my 1st attempt , i hope Im doing this right.

My two entries for Arches are in my blog

If i need to upload to anywhere please can someone advise me to how you submit your entries.

All the best


Janet Kincaid said...

Dart: Welcome to Two Things Challenge (2TC)! Both of your images are fabulous. I'll post them in the collage going up on Sunday, September 6.

Here's how 2TC works: Every Sunday, I post a new challenge. Each participant may interpret the challenge in any art form they choose--photography, painting, sketch, digital collage, poetry, etc. They each leave a comment in the entry for that week's challenge and on the Sunday it's due, I download their contribution from their site (in your case, I just right-click on the pictures you've posted and save them as a jpeg to my computer) and format them in a template I have. I then post a screenshot of everyone's contribution as a collage along with links to each contributor's blog/website. I then follow up that post with a new post listing the new challenge.

When I post a challenge for the week, I also provide a teaser for the following week. So, for example, this week's challenge is Road / Arch, which you've done and which will be posted on Sunday, September 6. Next week's challenge is Apple / Eye.

Hope that helps. If not, feel free to email me at