Monday, February 25, 2008

Old / New

This week's challenge is Old / New.

This challenge ends on 19:00 UTC Sunday March 2, 2008.

That is Sunday noon EST, 1pm CST, 7 pm in the UK, and Monday 8 am in New Zealand. And lest this sound strict, you know we would be pleased at any time to have your entry. We really aren't rule-oriented.

Remember anyone can join, just post your entries on your blog and leave us a comment here.


Frances said...

wow - wide-open theme. Needs some thought.

gara gillentine said...

Well, I had great fun with this one!!
Fun x 3 !
Go see. . . :)
N MS Artist

Bev said...

Old/New done. Very English, nice semis in the background.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Your being soft on us now DC! My entry is done, 1 photo of both subjects.

Debi said...

Thank you, DC, for this "easy" challenge. At last, I'm back in the game and done one too. :)

Frances said...

Yay - I have done it
with a little help from my friends.

The Artful Eye said...

Here's my entry:

Didn't have to wrack my brain so hard on this one.


Dusty Lens said...

Shot, I didn't have time to come up with someting clever. But alas, I have uploaded today.

dianeclancy said...

I have my entry done ... but too sick to check anyone else's yet ..

~ Diane Clancy