Sunday, September 30, 2007

Order / Chaos

This week's subject is Order / Chaos thank you Neda of Papiers Colles Blog who suggested the subject. We've had new life breathed into this old challenge with Neda and Alfonzo joining in. Our rules have changed from the starting ones, and now we allow almost anything:

Anyone can join and the rules are simple. Interpret the 2 things subjects in any way you wish, it could by a photograph, collage, painting or textile for example.

I am going to allow two weeks for this challenge and end it on Sunday, October 14th 2007.

Put on your thinking caps and I look forward to seeing the new entries!


Beverley said...

An entry today. You can't fault me for punctuality.

Frances said...

I saw there was one comment, so I knew who it must be and laughed.
Love you

Neda said...

I just posted mine :)

Frances said...

And me, Miss. I've done one too.