Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Welcome to 2 Things Photo Challenge

Hello! Welcome to the 2 things photo challenge! To get started I'd like to get some info from the people currently participating maybe we can build this together =)

There were a few things I thought we could do with this:

-Just post the 2 things entries here, then leave the photo posts on each of your own blogs. Then you can comment on the entry and put a link back to your blog. (I think privacy may be an issue for some)

-Post the 2 things entries here, then participants could comment with their actual photos.

-Or a combination of both. Who ever wants to join in can do so and doesn't have to be obligated to post here at all, with a link or photo. Or someone can do both.

One thing I'm mainly concerned about is preserving the privacy of those involved. Not everyone wants their personal blog posted on something that has the potential to get many viewers. At the same time I'd like everyone to feel comfortable sharing their photos. Perhaps I'm being a bit over concerned, so that's why I'm asking your your advice. =)


Hannah's Mom said...

Hi! :)

Debi Cates said...

I think this is a good idea, Audrey. I like the Two Things Challenge in a central location.

What ideas do you have for the links to those who take up the challenge? A permanent part of the site, or post your blog entry in a comment to that week's challenge?

Bobbie said...

Audrey, I've added a link to here from my blog. I'll post this week's challenge there with a link to here.

Frances said...

Would we be able to put our pics on here? or how would it work? It is a great idea - it takes me ages visiting people through links in each other's blogs - I keep forgetting to bookmark them.